The Five Types of Alcoholics: Different Faces of Alcoholism

5 types of alcoholics

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What Are the 5 Alcoholic Subtypes?

These individuals are the most-educated and well-off out of all categories, and half of them are most likely to be married. Although these alcoholics appear to be functional, they still suffer from an addiction to alcohol. Less than 20 percent of this category seek help, and 5 types of alcoholics most do so through a 12-step program or private health care professional. Yes, cognitive-behavioral therapy can be an effective treatment for young antisocial alcoholics who struggle with underlying psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and antisocial behavior.

5 types of alcoholics

Young Antisocial Subtype

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5 types of alcoholics

Short- & Long-Term Effects of Alcohol Addiction

  • MAT uses medications approved by the FDA to treat AUD alongside counseling and behavioral therapies.
  • Five types of alcoholics exist, and the type can influence whether or not people choose to seek treatment for their addiction.
  • However, they didn’t start struggling with alcohol issues until middle age.
  • This category of alcoholics represents the smallest percentage of alcoholics, with only 9.2 percent.
  • One serving of fortified wine can have almost double the amount of calories as a red wine.

They are also the most likely to participate in detox programs at inpatient treatment centers with private health care providers. The chronic severe subtype is the least prevalent, accounting for only about 9 percent of alcoholics.13 However, this group is the most severe, with heavy drinking occurring almost daily. But they started drinking much earlier than young adult alcoholics — usually by the age of 15 or 16.

5 types of alcoholics

Renewal Center for Ongoing Recovery

This subgroup is very likely to have had immediate family members with alcoholism. They also have high probability of suffering from antisocial personality disorder, depression, generalized anxiety disorder, and bipolar disorder. This group also suffers from high rates of cigarette, marijuana, and cocaine addiction. They are not meant as a diagnostic to determine if someone is suffering from alcoholism. Rather, they are meant to further the study of alcoholism and guide future research and prevention efforts. Many people who fall into the young antisocial alcoholic subtype suffer from other mental health disorders as well, such as bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, or depression.

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5 types of alcoholics

The Young Antisocial Alcoholic

Alcohol abuse kills three million people a year, most of them men – WHO report